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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 15, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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with senator evan bayh pulling out of this race saying the gridlock in government has gotten too great, he cannot accomplish what he thinks needs to be accomplished in government it does leave an opening for dan coates or another republican to grab that slot. the question of timing, the democratic party in indiana has just days to collect the signatures and put somebody into the nomination. that would have to be done by friday and gather 500 signatures from these districts. the question is why. let's bring in political director chief white house correspondent chuck todd. is it truly just about the gridlock. if so, why today, so close to this political deadline? >> reporter: well, i think you get at the point because the deadline is coming. he had already gathered the signatures. he to file in the next few days, the petition signatures tomorrow, the filing deadline on
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friday. it was sort of the last chance he had to pull ripcord on this. i'm told he had been debating about retiring for months. those close to him -- there's a lot of actually evan bayh alums, of sorts, in the white house. a couple people very close to the president also very close to senator bayh. so they knew for months he had been on the fence about running. this came as a complete surprise on the other side of pennsylvania avenue. a lot didn't see this. you're right. there's no back-up plan. there is a way if no candidate files, no can the at all files the party can pick a no, ma'am flee, the state party could convene, not quite a democratic way of doing it but pick a nominee. that's most likely the way it will be done. you'll see a few names, the mayor of evansville has popped up, a couple of members of congress. there is a push by some in
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washington that say, look, if we're not going to have bayh, go with somebody not from washington at all. you have a better shot at an anti-washington campaign against a senator like coats than a standing member of congress. >> dan coats carries with him name recognition, senator from indiana, he will be a formidable challenger for someone coming in fresh off the presses, whether they serve in congress current or not in washington at all. let me ask you about the timing. is there any sense when you talk to the people who know him they are waiting for another shoe to drop, there might be something more. >> no, no. he has not liked congress for a long time. this is common with a lot of former governor who become senators. they end up realizing how little power they have. they miss a lot of power that comes with being a governor, being in charge of your own
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state. frankly this is not a new tale with former governors who realize this is not the place for me. it's my understanding he went through this. look, it wasn't going to be easy to beat dan coats. he was favored but he would have to work. he hasn't had to work for an election in a long time. if you didn't have the congress to come back for another six years, why do it. i'm told he still would like to be governor someday. the governorship comes up in 2012 in indiana. that could set him up. he's been a perpetual rising star of the democratic party basically since i've been covering politics. he was elected secretary of the state at the age of 30. ette to the governor's mansion two years later. bill clinton has a great coat in 2000. he was still president. he fully expected to vote for evan bayh for president someday.
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evan bayh has been a star in the democratic party for that long. i don't think this is the last race he's ever run but he's certainly not running for congress ever again. >> we talked about it before with other candidates. in order to win and serve effectively you really have to have that fire in your belly, your passion and your heart have to be there. chuck, good to see you. >> you bet. more winter weather from alabama to kentucky. this is what kentucky looks like today with winter storm warnings. forecasters warn travel conditions could get dangerous. to the west, louisville, winter storm warning in effect now. snow shovels out scooping up about three inches of snow. dramatic video from kansas. snow there blamed for a series of multi-vehicle pileups yesterday. look at this. cars on top of one another. this one involved about 40 cars and trucks on an interstate overpass. several people were hurt. meantime another storm set to hit the northeast. full weather channel forecast
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coming up. in belgium, as many as 25 people died in a commuter train crash. two trains full of passengers collided head on at rush hour in a brussels suburb. no word yet on what may have caused the collision, but there was light snow in the area at the time. an international arrest warrant has been issued for u.s. cyclist floyd landis. france's ann adoption chief says landis is wanted in connection with the case of computer hacking at a doping lab. it dates back to december 2006. landis was stripped of his 2006 tour de france victory and banned two years when doping tests revealed abnormally elevated testosterone levels. right now in vancouver, olympics are in full swing. check this out, the united states earned the most medals so far with six, grmd four, france and canada tied with three apiece. for the latest, chris jansing joins us live with the latest from the preview of today's big events.
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hi there, chris. >> reporter: hi there, contessa. a lot of going on. mother nature is cooperating more. no more rain. temperatures starting to moderate. actually colder on wednesday. all that is good. today mark the return of bode miller to u.s. competition. as we all know, he famously flamed out in torino. but today got a chance to restart his olympic career. now 32 years old. i can tell you i watched this and it was an incredible, incredible competition. if you don't want to know how it went, i would say turn down the sound of let's give you a little spoiler alert. i'm going to tell you bode is back. he took a bronze medal in the men's downhill. the competition will continue and you can watch that entire race tonight on nbc in prime time. it is worth watching. we were all screaming down in the news center. also other huge story line
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developing. chinese skaters that retired, came back, one last chance at olympic glory. they pull off an incredible routine in the short program last night beating the russians, who are the reigning world champions. we've got the free skate coming up. everyone wants to see how that's going to go. absolutely incredible competition there. then how about americans exceeding expectations with this medal count, two women on the podium for the women's moguls winning gold and bronze. i got a chance to sit down with hannah kearney and shannon bahrke and ask them about this incredible experience. here is what they told me. >> i did not think about the after effects of a gold medal. i've been so focused on what it would be like that day of the olympics. for the last two weeks i've been thinking about this moment a lot. i hadn't thought about all the interview i'd get to do and the other perks. >> is it good.
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>> i haven't thought about the weight of the medal around my neck and i'm looking forward to that. >> it's exceeding expectations. >> for you, too. >> i'm just on cloud nine. to come back to my third olympics and win my second olympic medal is just the coolest thing ever. >> they actually stopped to talk to me on the way to get their medals. but johnny spillane came in earlier today. it's heavy, it's beautiful, and i don't think any of them will be taking those medals off for a little while, contessa. >> chris, thank you. you can catch events canada versus switzerland in ice hockey. that begins at 5:30 eastern time right here on msnbc. a major offensive is under way in afghanistan. u.s. commanders sayyaf began troops are taking the lead and taking the fight to the taliban. we'll give you details ahead. vice president joe biden takes on former vice president dick cheney. so who won this television
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showdown, who is stronger on the war on terror. a famous filmmaker in the middle of a war of words with an airline who said he was too fat to fly. i was active, eating healthy. i thought i was in great shape.
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there's been some activity. frankly it's pretty limited. i think the taliban have been overwhelmed by the surprise of our move in. >> coalition forces are pushing deeper into a taliban stronghold in southern afghanistan. today several gun battles have broken out as sniper attack u.s. and afghan troops. so far two coalition troops have been killed, an american and british soldier. twelve afghan civilians were
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killed yesterday. today nato commander, u.s. general stanley mcchrystal reaped his regret at the loss of civilian life. >> when president karzai approved the conduct of this operation he gave us specific guidance. that guidance was to continue to protected the people of afghanistan. so this operation has been done with that in mind. while this is an afghan-led operation, i think it highlights the special partnership we've developed this i'm proud of. >> nbc chief correspondent richard engel in london following the story for us. does it appear this is an operation that is achieving its goals, richard? >> reporter: it certainly has achieved one goal, which is pushing the vast majority of taliban fighters from this populated area. most of them left before this massive offensive began we spoke with taliban commanders who said that was their intention. they never wanted to face head
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on or dead on u.s., nato and afghan soldier. separating the 120,000 people of marjah from the taliban harks has been a success of the next challenge will be the second phase of this operation, which is to try to bring in a successful or sustainable afghan government and prevent this from once again become a safe haven. >> they are reaching out to afghan leaders themselves and trying to build a base of operation. how about that, is that working? >> there have been meetings taking place at senior levels, like the one you saw with general mcchrystal. it was important to be flanked by afghan officials. also on the local level, there have been company commanders, people young commanders in the u.s. and british militaries, going out and meeting with village elders trying to get information from them. so far that has been fairly
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successful as they have been receiving tips and information about where i.e.d.s have been plac placed, where drugs have been placed. they found several million dollars worth of opium and weapons making material. they are getting intelligence from the local community. that is an encouraging sign. >> given how much the taliban earns from drug trafficking operation, how important is it for them to not only find drugs hidden but destroy this as sort of a drug trafficking hub? >> this province is the province where most of the opium is produced. so to have a safe haven in helmand province to produce opium and traffic it is significant. they raise a lot of their funding from opium. a lot comes from the outside. marjah itself was an important drug trafficking center, but it was more the freedom to operate in marjah and use that as a base of operation to collect other drugs, to process the drugs, to
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ship them out to different locations. that was perhaps even more significant. >> richard engel. good to see you, thanks. secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with king abdullah in saudi arabia. earlier she was in catr talking about iran, that it's becoming a military dictatorship. >> we want the world united in sending an unequivocal message to iran that we will not stand idly by while you pursue a nuclear program that can be used to threaten your neighbors and even beyond. >> today the united nations begins a review on the record on human rights. white house secretary robert gibbs has joined -- are you ready for this? twitter. in just two days, gibbs has racked up nearly 20,000 followers. gibbs first treat --
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one follower who goes by the name dynomiti things -- southwest airlines face ag boycott because it kicked a film director off because of his weight. the pilot said he was a safety risk because he couldn't put down the arm rice. after he got on another flight he posted this picture on board. on twitter he slammed the airline saying he was treated as worse than a terrorist. he apologized but said the customer of size policy has been in effect for years. the national association for fat acceptance is urging that boycott against the airline. we'll be right back. so, what's the problem?
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if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. it's time to take a deep breath... and ask your doctor if viagra is right for you. relatives of three alabama professors gunned down during a faculty want to know why a woman with violence in her past was hired to teach at the school.
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neurobiology teacher is charged with shooting and killing three of her colleagues. from huntsville, alabama, are they getting any closer to delving into her past and whether there was any indication at the university they knew she had a violent past. >> reporter: contessa we're about to sit down with the university president here in about an hour and hopefully they will shed some light on past history. a lot now has been centered around this whole idea of hoping for a tenured position here will she was denied that tenured position. there's a lot of speculation that's what led up to the shooting on friday. as you mentioned, there were three people killed, three others wounded. i can tell you the campus is early quiet today. the classes here are canceled and there's some flags at half-staff. flowers are left at makeshift memorials all around the campus
3:22 pm
here. you get a sense here this is very much a campus and community in shock. we did stop by bishop's house today trying to track down her husband. we got an earful. as you imagine there's a lot of media focusing attention on this town now. they basically wanted us to get out. this is something hitting the community hard and very unexpected for sure. >> tom, thank you very much. there is a significant boston connection to this story. in 1993 bishop was questioned about a pipe bomb mailed to a harvard professor. in 1986, bishop shot and killed her teenager brother. it was ruled an accident but that investigative case file is missing. >> i don't want to use the word "cover-up." i don't know what the thought process was of the police chief at the time. >> anybody that makes an inference that it's a cover-up that is so far from the truth i won't even get into it. >> a reporter from the boston
3:23 pm
globe has uncovered some pretty significant details. let's begin with the shooting of the teenager brother. were there indications maybe that was not an accident? >> reporter: contessa what we know so far the globe pulled a clip in 1986, we found reference to this accidental shooting in which amy bishop shot and killed her brother with a shot done. we went to the brain tree police hoping to confirm the story that there was an accidental shooting she was involved in. we heard, following the press conference after that it was explosive. the police chief paul fraysier laid out information there was a complete mishandling of the investigation into this homicide in 1986. the case files, police reports are all missing, have been missing for 22 years.
3:24 pm
he stopped short of alleging a cover-up but certainly made things look particularly fishy for his department back in those days. in speaking with retired police chief at his home -- he's now 87 years old, by the way, he vehemently denied a cover-up. he called it a joke of a notion as we've heard. he said he followed all proper departmental procedure. >> just to clarify, basically what happened was bishop said she had gone upstairs, got the family's gun and was trying to learn how to load it when she accidentally shot her brother. the mother corroborated that story. it seemed like prosecutors at that point went along w onto the pipe bomb incident, what happened there, both bishop and her husband were questioned in that. what was the resolution? >> well, bishop and her husband were questioned in the 1993 attempted mail bombing of a harvard medical school professor dr. paul rosenberg. bishop was working as a postdoctoral fellow in a
3:25 pm
biochemistry lab at children's hospital in boston. there was some concern she might have been getting a poor evaluation from that professor and that may have led her to anger. she was questioned. her husband was questioned. and in the end it was decided there was either not enough evidence or whatever but there were no charges filed in that case either. >> criminologist said she didn't think there was a lot of evidence, physical evidence, linking anyone to that particular pipe bomb incident. it's interesting what you've been able to find out about previous incidents in her life. i appreciate you coming on talking to me about it. >> thank you very much. >> latest questions and controversy surrounding the death of an athlete at olympic games. was he to blame or the track? another arctic blast. we'll tell you if you need shovels ready where you are. weather channel forecast ahead. oh sure, we have plenty of employees that...
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i'm contessa brewer in for david shuster. new information on the attempted plane bombing on christmas day and how al qaeda was able to get so close to carrying out the attack. pete williams with a few moments on that. a television smackdown involving two vice presidents. the current office holder joy biden taking direct aim at the criticism from his predecessor, dick cheney. who is right when it comes to the war on terror? we'll debate it. snowy parts of the northeast are preparing for another potential blast of winter of we'll have the latest track of tonight's storm. today in vancouver, a private service was held for the georgian olympic athlete killed in the luge accident on friday. several attended the service for nomar kumaritashvili for his body is returned to his homeland. designers of the course call it
3:30 pm
the most difficult in the world. did they miss signs. joining us from vancouver, in all the sadness over this athlete dying, officials were saying he did not have as much experience as other lugers. was that the problem? >> well, contessa, i think they were very quick to do a lot of things of the investigation took about ten hours before they were basically claiming it was pilot error, so to speak. i think the bottom line was what the georgian gel gags all along, you can have an athlete wreck on the course but it shouldn't cause death. for months and years lugers that have gone down the course said it was too fast, too much of a steep drop. there are problems that need to be corrected. the ioc, governing body for everything and care taker for olympics, at the end of the day they should take care of the athletes. if you have this many say
3:31 pm
there's something wrong, it needs to be slowed down, yeah, they missed a lot of red flags. >> the fact you can go so fast on this particular luge, the thought is, conventional wisdom, it makes the sport more exciting. now is their talk of trying to limit speeds? >> reporter: the motto is swifter, higher, stronger. i think sometimes you get to the point where swift enough is good, then let the competition take over. i don't think you miss anything if you have lugers going at 85 versus 95 miles an hour which is what the top speeds on this course were. it's about the competition and the racing and i think it's about the personality of the athletes. the ioc doesn't understand you don't have to set an olympic record every time out, sometimes the competition is good enough. i think in this case they went too far. they got too extreme. you're seeing that in a lot of sports, snowboarding or ski cross. a lot of danger that may be
3:32 pm
unnecessary to attract a fan. >> let's talk about another olympic athlete getting a lot of attention, lindsey vonn deciding to ski with the bruised right shin and still has the fastest time after the first 25 competitors. are you expecting to see her just skyrocket here? >> yeah. you know what, this is her games. i think shin injury or not, what we know about lindsey vonn and for a lot of us who covered her in torino and saw the spectacular crash there. we showed up at the hospital and there she was. she was going to walk out of there. she's an amazing athlete with a very high tolerance for pain. i think basically the snow delays have done her a world of good. i think she's going to come out there and show what she's got. i don't know if she'll get five medals out of it but she'll have a very good olympics. >> there are a lot of people back home cheering her on. serena, it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. canada versus switzerland in
3:33 pm
women's hockey 5:30 eastern time on msnbc raef developing now a newly translated al qaeda internet posting reveals new details about what the terrorist in yemen learned from the christmas day bomb attempt and what they plan to do next. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me now live. what are you learning, pete? >> contessa, this is a posting on what amounts to an al qaeda social networking site. something called a magazine. they write about the christmas day bomb attempt. they said the construction of the bomb was decided upon after studying airline security in the u.s. and overseas. looking at the scanners, metal detectors, x-ray scanners and sniffing devices. that's how they came up with this device. they do believe it did detonate on the plane. the detonator stage did go off. the fuse detonated. that's what one of the passengers spoke about, that he
3:34 pm
heard a strong sound on board the plane. now as for why it didn't go off, they say they don't know. if you look at the pictures fbi sent around to law enforcement of what to look for, you see the underwear they took from abdulmutallab. you see there that little packet of white material there. they say that was sealed to prevent what they called in the article, hydration, presume earl a reference to the fact it was in that plastic container to prevent it from being contaminated by perspiration. that's a close-up of the plastic container opened up a little bit by the fbi to see what the material was. one other thing in this article they say they have obtained a material more explosive than conventional high-explosives used in military munitions. they don't say what it is. they say they are working on acquiring more and testing it. >> here is my question. why announce it to the world? >> i guess you could say this is a certain amount of bragging,
3:35 pm
also propaganda. they call it "secrets of the bomb." they don't go into detail of precisely how it was constructed or why they chose to put it in that place. it's just their form of propaganda. >> does it make the intelligence community think any differently about al qaeda in yemen after reading this? are you hearing they change the process they go through, how they confront that terrorist threat? >> no. i do think this sort of thing will be of interest to the intelligence community. while they don't go into great detail about their secrets, this does add more to the picture of how this continuing was developed. >> pete williams, thank you. waiting to hear whether the president would go before congress. amid the massive recall, there's a call for akio toyoda to answer questions before congress. so far he's traveled to the u.s. but only scheduled meetings with
3:36 pm
workers and dealers. in utah, the politics of high school now in the hands of state lawmakers. right now they are debating whether senior year of high school is a waste. state senator proposed cutting out 12th grade to put a dent in utah's $700 million budget gap. after backlash there's a revised plan to make it optional for those who finish and have credits early. talking about biting the hand that feeds you, hear what joe the plum hare to say about john mccain now. vice president versus former vice president, joe biden, dick cheney, with a different take on who has been stronger in the war on terror. against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats!
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merrill lynch wealth management. we have breaking news from haiti. apparently the rain has been so intense the red cross says a school has collapsed there because of all the rainfall. this happened in northern haiti. apparently three children have been caught in that school collapse and killed. we're working on getting our
3:40 pm
news crews there to the scene of the school collapse to give us more information. when we get it, we will pass it along to you. >> you're really serious and you believe this is a war, and if you believe the greatest threat is a 9/11 with nukes or 9/11 with biological agent of some kind you don't want the vice president of the united states running around saying it's not likely to happen. >> mr. vice president are you underestimating the threat posed to this country by al qaeda? >> no, but i always underestimate the way dick cheney approaches things. the reason it's unlikely is because we have been relentless, absolutely relentless in isolating al qaeda. >> today's showdown, the battle of the veeps. dick cheney and joe biden sparring on security, gitmo and the upcoming trial of professed 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed. now they are tallying, who reaps the biggest political reward for the on-air dual.
3:41 pm
i will be very impressed if you guys say something to surprise me. just your take, who won that dual, that war of words. what do you think, brent? >> it's hard to say who won it. i think it's great for our democracy that we have a former vice president and current vice president talking about such serious issues in our country. i think former vice president dick cheney raised a lot of serious issues about the way the current administration is handling these issues. i think it should give all americans pause when we look at some of the things he raised as issues and concerns. >> all right, penny, what's your take? >> i think joe biden did a very good job. i know you're not surprised on that. showing former vice president dick cheney's claims don't match up to the fact. the truth of the matter is there is more consensus on how we're going about fighting terror. he agreed the focus needs to be returned back to afghanistan, which is where al qaeda and the taliban have been.
3:42 pm
when you get outside this political boxes match, you'll find more consensus than not. we need to keep and focus our attention on the matters at hand. that is what we need to do instead of continuing to fill with these lies and hyperbole and address the facts as they are. >> looking at a "washington post" poll, 56 approved the way he's handling the war on terror, 39 disprove. obama scored higher on this issue than any other issue in this particular poll. brent, if you're looking at a president at least on this, has support of the nation and dick cheney wants to effect change, if he thinks america's national security is at stake, why isn't he going through the back door channel and trying quiet diplomacy to make the administration see his point of view rather than going on the sunday talk shows. >> i think we've learned time and time again the administration claims they want to hear alternative viewpoints
3:43 pm
on a number of issues but they really don't. they make decisions behind closed doors and come back and tell the american people to be open to them. >> is that any different than when dick cheney was the vice president making decisions behind closed doors? >> every president always has high numbers in polls as it relates to national security issues. we all know that. if you look at specific issues raised by vice president dick cheney, americans are concerned about this. do we want terrorists brought into the united states for trials, civilian trials when they are the mastermind of 9/11. do we want a shoe bomber treated as a common criminal rather than a detention detainee. these are serious issues here. >> the shoe bomber is now behind bars. no terrorist who has been tried in the united states has escaped from prison. so that's part of it. this whole thing about using the civilian courts. let me ask you about iraq, penny. on iraq they also went at each other. how much is about credit? let me play it first and get your reaction on the other side.
3:44 pm
>> if they are going to take credit for it, fair enough, for what they have done while they are there. but it ought to go with a healthy dose of thanking george bush up front and recognition that some of the early recommendations with respect to prosecuting that war were dead wrong. >> i'm happy to thank george bush. i like personal bush. anybody tells you they know how they were going to get there january of last year, i'd find it surprising. >> is this what we're talking about, bragging rights. >> interesting to hear it from former vice president, saying we'd be treated as liberator, stood behind weapons of mass destruction. it's interesting to see his take. it's interesting to see democrats take place in the debate. what you saw in the 2006 elections, we had an intractable war. we doesn't have a policy to get us out of iraq and strategy. it was helpful the debates the democrats put forth to be able
3:45 pm
to change the bush policy. otherwise we were going to go down a path we had no return on. it was healthy and good. the obama administration is doing what's necessary to stabilize that country, put it into an election mode, democratic mode and have success coming out. >> brent, what do we get as americans watching two politicians fight over who should get credit? >> again, i don't think they are fighting over who wants to get credit. we were talking about two elected vice presidents of this country. as i point out, i think former vice president dick cheney took an unusual step to step forward and express to the nation concerns about our safety. look, the obama administration we just heard now democrats claim they have accomplished all these great things and changed policy. they really haven't. they promised to close guantanamo in one year. they have not done so. they don't have a plan to get it done. prompted to pull us out of iraq, hasn't happened. prompted it would get done. we haven't seen that happening. the fact is these are serious
3:46 pm
times, serious issues. i think the current and former vice president had a good debate about some of these thins. i think we're seeing obama administration turn around on key policies they claim they supported including bringing khalid shaikh mohammed to new york city. now they aren't going to do it anymore. >> i'm going to leave it there. the white house summit is ten days away. already republican whip jon kyl says he thinks he knows what change will relate from the meeting. he thinks nothing will change. he accuses democrats of staging the summit for show. he says they are setting the stage to push health care reform through congress using budget reconciliation. that's a process that would allow legislation to pass the senate with just 51 votes. kyl says the bill should be scrapped completely and congress should start from scratch. john mccain in for perhaps his roughest challenge this november. former congressman and conservative radio host j.d. hay
3:47 pm
worth is throwing his hat in the ring. he's skeptical of mccain's conservative credentials. maybe he should ask joe the plumber for an norm. the one-time supporting every man said the senator used him and screwed up his life. joe the plumber made those remarks before a pennsylvania crowd at a rally for a republican state politician. joe even says he doesn't even like sarah palin anymore because she supports mccain. so who does joe like? he actually had kind words for president obama, kind of. joe says president obama is one of the more honest politicians. he told the crowd while the president's ideology is un-american, quote, at least he told us what he wanted to do, unquote. a wisconsin attorney is calling for president obama's impeachment and using a billboard to get his message across. take a look at this.
3:48 pm
this sign along highway 41 in oshkosh reads in big leaders, impeach obama. small print, says america's small businesses are failing. the billboard cost that attorney $1,000 a month. authorities in indonesia removed a statute of president obama from a park in jakarta. the statute has been placed at a nearby school obama attended as a child. it came after protests in indonesia. critics said an indonesian hero should have been honored instead. the statute depicts obama as a 10-year-old. he lived in indonesia after his mother divorced his father. why tonight could be something extra special for one lucky ipod user. another potential hit from mother nature. northeast cities already buried by a winter storm and they could get more. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 if i could change one thing... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 we'd all get a ton of great advice tdd# 1-800-345-2550 just for being a client. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i mean, shouldn't i be able to talk about my money
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we're following breaking news from haiti where the red cross has told the associated press a school has collapsed there killing three children. they blame the collapse on a lot
3:52 pm
of torrential rain that haiti has had. a lot of these structures were already weakened by the earthquake. and again, three children now reportedly dead according to the red cross. we'll follow up on that detail when we get it. back here at home, more snow heading for the northeast. that includes new york city. but will it be anything like the last storm where a foot of snow fell. out in washington, d.c., or, for instance, in philadelphia. the weather channel's chris warren joins us. what are we getting here, chris? >> contessa, i do not think it's going to pack as big of a punch for the places that got hit really hard during the last big storm. i was up in central park for that. and i saw all that snowfall, not expecting the same amount now. we are, however, seeing a bit of a mix in the nation's capital. the white house getting a little bit more of the white. we are going to expect to see maybe a little bit more snow. there's a couple wild cards we're going to be looking at that may affect our snowfall totals. right now we're seeing the heaviest snow throughout the
3:53 pm
ohio valley. lets hee look at our watches, warnings and advisories map here. and notice the areas in white. that is where we have the winter storm warnings in effect. you can see throughout much of the ohio valley, several inches have fallen already. well over half a foot in some areas. could end up around a foot. now, we can take a look and see where it is currently snowing. that is the areas in white. you can see that goes right along with the winter storm warnings that we do have throughout the ohio valley and working in earnest right into much of pennsylvania. but notice where you have that pink. you have that green. that's where we have a little bit of a transition going on here. temperatures in the green, that means in the rain. little bit milder. notice, pennsylvania, temperatures closer, if not below the freezing mark. so this will likely affect our total snowfall. when it's all said and done this is what we're looking at. throughout the rest of monday, into the evening hours, the ohio valley, pennsylvania will continue to see this snow. but as far as where we end up with the highest snowfall totals, it's going to be the interior of the northeast, new
3:54 pm
england may see a few inches in new york. but if it doesn't change over, contessa, to all snow, could be on the low end of things. that could be welcome for many people. >> chris, thank you. checkered flag in the air! the 52nd daytona 500. >> trouble on the track. potholes delayed that race for two hours. second-place driver dale earnhardt jr. is now calling for the repavement of that speedway. which hasn't been resurfaced since 1978. > . ♪ >> tonight could be a very good night for one lucky itunes customer. itunes is getting ready to hit a big milestone. 10 billion music downloads. whoever buys that 10 billionth
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afternoon to you. i'm dylan ratigan. how evan bayh's big announcement to leave congress is much like the movie "jaws." but in this case, sheriff brody abandoned ship, just when the sharks are attacking. plus, leaders from the tea party getting ready to sit down with michael steele. can the republicans harness their anger for republican purposes and the battle for afghanistan. breaking down the fight with those who knows what's going on in the olympics off to a rough start for organizers. we'll see where they go from here. the show starts right now.
3:59 pm
a good monday to you. happy presidents' day. in america, today, a stunning announcement from democratic senator evan bayh, who just two hours ago said he's getting out of the game. this, despite having a war chest for himself politically of nearly $13 million. polls showing him way ahead in the race. and one of the few with the political clout to have the president's ear on a regular basis. well, he says he's had enough. >> i love working for the people of indiana. i love helping our citizens make the most of their lives. but i do not love congress. after all of these years, my passion for service to our fellow citizens is undiminished. but my desire to do so by serving in congress has waned. >> bayh calling out his own party for lack of bipartisanship, and everything from the deficit to jobs. take a listen.


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